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about me

Height: 6"1 (183cm)   |   Eye Color: Green   |   Hair Color: Light Brown |   Body type: Normal

I believe that being a good actor involves more than just talent and technique—it's about authenticity, embracing personal characteristics and individual traits. While I give my all to every performance, I'm also the person who enjoys sharing a laugh between takes and swapping stories over lunch. All in all, I'm Viktor Dénes, an actor based in Budapest. You may have seen me in various BBC and Amazon series and Films, but I prefer to let my work speak for itself. Beyond acting, I'm passionate about connecting with new people, producing bean to bar chocolate and taking safaris in Eastern Africa



Little Bus Production   |   Maria Theresa Gives Birth   |   2023  |   Supporting Actor

Kraatsfilm   |   Eternal Loyalty   |   2022  |   Lead Actor

ContentLAB & Factory   |   Doctor Balaton   |   2022  |   Supporting Actor


Operetta Theatre Budapest   |   Lieutenant Maria   |   2023  |   Lead Actor

Exit Generation   |   Perplex   |   2023  |   Lead actor

Operetta Theatre   |   Land of smiles   |   2022  |   Lead actor

Training & Workshops

The International Acting Studio  |   Ivana Chubbuck Technique   |   Adam Davenport

National University of Film and Drama   |   Master Degree in Acting (5 years)   |   Eszter Novák, György Selmeczi

National Theatre Acting Studio   |   Acting Studies   |   Piroska Molnár, Tamás Jordán, Miklós Benedek, Péter Valló

Special Skills

I have a wide range of speaking languages, including English fluently, with East-European, German, French, Russian, Hungarian and Hebrew accents, German in basic, Hebrew in basic level and Hungarian as it's my mother tongue. My playing age range is from 30-35 and I also hold a driving licence and am experienced in horse riding. On top of this, I have music skills such as singing professionally. I am a tenor,  I sing solo musicals and operettas and playing instruments piano and violin, both on a basic level.

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